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blaEveryone knows it: it is now essential for a company to communicate effectively with its audience on different media and in different formats.

This is where Playplay comes in. This start-up has designed an online video creator to meet the needs of marketing, social media, sports and public sector professionals.

In order to make it easy for customers to take ownership of the product, PlayPlay offers page templates that allow you to quickly put the story you have in mind into images. You choose your template according to the message, you put your scenario on paper and all you have to do is ...

The formats are, of course, adapted to the mobile and are customizable. It is possible to add your own content, but you also benefit from PlayPlay's iconographic stock and royalty-free music. The automated motion design is simple. The handling remains very accessible even for a novice and gives a quality result.

With PlayPlay, it is easy, for example for a sports department, to highlight the day's results.

Top 3 images of the 13th stage of the Tour de France 2019 
Top 3 images of the 13th stage of the Tour de France 2019 

The origin of the start up

As is often the case with start-ups, PlayPlay began its existence in the kitchen of one of its founders, Thibaut Machet, until Aurélien Dayres joined him and they signed their first clients. With Clément Moracin, the third co-founder in charge of sales, they met at Eurosport where all three worked in digital teams. It was there that Thibaut, who is close to the community managers, was able to observe their growing need for quality video content requiring little or no complicated editing.

The project was first created to meet the needs of the media to feed their social networks. Requests to the start-up quickly expanded to the creation of longer and richer videos to meet the communication needs of a more varied clientele.

PlayPlay, which already counts several major media groups among its clientele, was incubated in 2017/2018 at Station F, in the gas pedal of TF1. In two years, the team grew from 1 to 25 employees, all passionate and with multiple skills, both technical and commercial.

Noticed during the Vivatech show by the Innovation department of France Télévisions, PlayPlay now works with several directions.

Interview of Sophie Morel, Head of Customer Success

By Laurence Landoyer

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