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Apocalypse acquires a remote editing solution

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Apollo: a solution developed by France Télévisions for remote editing

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Binaural sound explained in video ( and sound)

Binaural sound explained in video (and sound)

Binaural sound or how to restore natural 3D listening with headphones. Demonstration in images (and sound) in a video that introduces you to the world of spatialized sound.

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Binaural sound

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At the theater tonight: the 8pm news

The television news at 8pm: a well-organized ballet where everyone must take their place and respect the precise role assigned to them. But have you fully grasped the ins and outs? After this podcast, you will watch this moment in a very different way!

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Médias en Seine 2018 - "Tomorrow is already today"

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MOA, XR New Images 2020 Award for this augmented reality application
Narrative Research

MOA, My Own Assistant

We are in 2040 and your day starts. Your Artificial Intelligence, which knows you so well, offers you a succession of services, analyses and relationships with diligence and attention via your smartphone. It accompanies you and even...loves you. How far will you go with her?

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Live from the Méta-Media blog

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Les procès à la télé ou l’image perdue de la justice

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Liens vagabonds : Même pendant la crise, les GAFA raflent la mise

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Liens vagabonds : Pour l’UE, l’IA est une Intelligence à Apprivoiser

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La Gen Z, génération de la vidéo mobile, mais pas seulement


france tv lab - that is all the innovation at France Télévisions: from technological innovations to narrative research, including Design, new forms of management, new advertising formats or just new content like Slash. It is a place dedicated to reflection to take a step back, share our feedback and best practices, explain our working methods, and even involve the public in the implementation of new formats. This showcase of innovation is enriched with a test platform that enables France Télévisions employees and the public to influence the implementation of new products through their participation and responses to user tests.

All of this is perfectly complementary to the foresight work carried out by Méta-Media, and in collaboration with all the innovation players at France Télévisions.

You can also find all our videos on our YouTube channel France tv lab and all the news on Twitter @francetvlab!

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France Télévisions deploys IP production technologies

A new type of production control room, two OB Van and a mobile control room are currently under study at France Télévisions.

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EBU Article

EBU talks about France Télévisions' work on artificial intelligence

Editing in Cloud

The power and flexibility of the Cloud at the service of remote editing for France Télévisions information

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The automatic semantics of images

Illustration IA & Medias

France Télévisions is taking its technological transformation forward with Capgemini and Perfect Memory


Object-Based Audio: Perceptual Tests at France Télévisions

France tv sport
Illustration RGLab 2020

Augmented tennis at Roland-Garros 2020, technical aspects

France Télévision stand for the RGLab 2020 at Roland Garros

Roland-Garros 2020 : “augmented tennis” for future tv

Illustration EBU 2020 Innovation Award

EBU 2020 Innovation Award for France tv

Image concept to illustrate the different ideas and concepts proposed

France Televisions Ideas Accelerator: 2019-2020 Review

It was a special intrapreneurship year for France Télévisions because we had to adapt the Idea Accelerator, our intrapreneurial system shared with Radio France and RTBF, to the imperatives of a persistent and disruptive virus, especially in terms of team support.

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