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Seven Grams is exposing and continues its journey

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Seven Grams, the journalistic investigation in AR that reveals the inside of our smartphones

With the StoryLab, France Télévisions is at the forefront of immersive storytelling innovation

Augmented Reality Broadcast outdoors and in mobility live on France 2 for the French National day

Augmented Reality Broadcast outdoors and in mobility at low cost, a challenge taken up by our engineers!

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4 festivals & 4 immersive Storylab fictions in competition

At the theater tonight: the 8pm news

Augmented tennis at Roland-Garros 2020, technical aspects

Roland-Garros 2020 : “augmented tennis” for future tv

MOA, My Own Assistant

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The new dimension of augmented reality

How can virtual reality and mixed realities be integrated into television productions?

Augmented reality and virtual sets: world premiere on the France 2 TV News

Augmented reality invites itself on the set of "Envoyé spécial"

The Enemy - your enemy is not who you think he is

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