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The showcase of new production and distribution solutions at France Télévisions - More than 50 professionals, about fifteen stands proposed to promote our know-how around mixed reality, immersive content, new technical solutions for multi-camera capture, creation of virtual sets, remote editing, fact-checking, artificial intelligence ... while taking into account the challenges of digital sobriety

If you want to meet us at France Televisions IRL, you can sign up for one of the available slots here ⬅️ June 29 and 30 from 11am to 3pm! 

Follow the FIT show live! 

Join us from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on June 29, June 30 and July 1 to discover the different areas of the show live on the event channel, as well as exclusive reports and interviews on new products being produced and distributed by France Télévisions! 

Meet us here on June 29, 30 and July 1 to follow the event live! 

Discover the reports broadcasted during the show!

Behind the scenes of the programs

How were the Beijing 2022 Olympics produced?

Behind the scenes of the VI Nations Tournament

Behind the scenes at the International Agricultural Show

Videography work on the hit documentary Apocalypse

Making of the Elections 2022 evenings

In immersion on the set of the Cassandre serie

Discover the Vendargues studios as you have never seen them before

Un si grand soleil : the secrets of the making 1/2

Un si grand soleil : the secrets of the making 2/2

Vendargueswood expands

Discover the set construction workshop 

A treasure in your TV show 

The photo exhibition in the studios of Un si grand soleil

Ecoprod in Vendargues: a virtuous circle 

Who makes what at France Télévisions ? 

Delphine, make-up artist 

Lionel, post-production mixer 

Sandrine, production manager 

Lionel, stage manager 

Laurence et Damien, production managers 

 Stéphane et Eric, stage managers 

Julie, special effect 

Alexandre et Armenio, graphists

Philippe et Christian, responsible of lighting 

Karine et Sonia, video editors 

  Claude, special effect technician